Travel Guide to Tirana: Useful Information, Things to See and Explore

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Some useful information

Tirana Rinas Airport is spread over a single, small terminal, but is in fact an international airport with direct flights from many Italian and European cities.

Some Information about Tirana

Albania's capital and largest city is known for the colorful architecture of its buildings. Today, Tirana is an eclectic city that manages to combine vestiges of its turbulent past such as former dictator's bunkers, old mosques, Soviet-style architecture with unusually colorful modern buildings.


What to see in Tirana

Scanderbeg Square: this is the center of the city and the best place to start your visit. The square is dedicated to the Albanian hero who defeated the Ottomans, represented in the middle of the square on a bronze horse. On the north side of the square, beyond the pedestrianised area with colorful benches and trees, takes centre stage the façade of the National History Museum, the largest in the country, with its famous colorful mosaic depicting the history of Albania. To the south you can catch a glimpse of the colorful buildings housing institutional offices with their ochre and burgundy façades, while to the east is the Et'hem Bey Mosque, one of the nation's most treasured buildings.

La Moschea Et’hem Bey

The Et'hem Bey Mosque: an exceptional mosque located in the heart of the city! The mosque is one of the most important buildings in Tirana, surrounding the famous Scanderbeg Square. It is one of the oldest mosques in the country and a representation of the ancient heart of the Ottoman culture. The mosque astonishes visitors with the refinement of its interior design, its finely decorated walls and frescoed ceilings in the Oriental tradition.

BLLOKU: is one of Tirana districts, today the heart of Albanian nightlife. Literally: 'The Block', this is the neighborhood where the officials of the communist regime lived, and after the fall of the regime that’s the area that has undergone the most significant change in the entire city. Today this represents the European face of Tirana in a young and modern neighborhood. Hip bars and cafes, trendy restaurants and shops line the streets of this neighborhood. Walking through its streets is very pleasant and it will be impossible to avoid mingling with the local nightlife and going from one club to the next.

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