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About us

Sicily by Car, Leader Car rental Company was founded in 1963 by Tommaso Dragotto, which began his business challenge with a fleet made up by a fiat 1300, a fiat 1100 and two fiat 500's.

After a business and commercial expansion plan and, thanks to an experienced and professional managing team, the Company has become a national reality and since 1997 Sicily by Car , going beyond its regional borders and spreading into a bigger market.

Sicily by Car has developed steadily over the years and is now present in all major Italian cities with over 56 offices. In December 2017, the company crossed national borders by landing in Albania, where two offices were inaugurated, one in the capital Tirana and one in southern Saranda. Then, in December 2019, the company also landed in Malta: and this is just the beginning!

Sicily by car has recently embarked on an increasingly significant and capillary development abroad: after the opening of offices in Malta and Albania, in 2022 the company landed in France and in 2023 in Austria, Montenegro and Poland, following an expansion project that will lead to the internationalisation of the brand.

Sicily by car Albania, the company inaugurated in December 2017 is named "Sicily by Car S.H.p.k. "and has its registered office in Durres, Nikel, Numri I pasurise 55/402 vol 6 fq 130 ZK3183. Sicily by car Albania, boasts a fleet of 200 vehicles and two offices both located in strategic locations for the Albanian tourist flow, one in Tirana airport inside the terminal and one in the south of the country in the renowned resort of Saranda.

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