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Business area

1. What are Sicily by Car offices in Italy ?  

Sicily by Car is widespread all over Italy in all national airports, inside the terminals in most cities, artistic sites and touristic places. Please, visit our website www.sicilybycar.al for a full list.

2. Which cars belong to a specific category?  

Sicily by Car fleet offers a wide choice of vehicles, all freshly registered, divided by categories, diesel and/or petrol, manual or automatic transmission, 9 seater minivans, 100% electric cars. The whole fleet and all the different categories can be checked on our website www.sicilybycar.al

3. Can I rent abroad with Sicily by Car ?  

Yes, check "Noleggio Estero" on our website www.sicilybycar.al

4. Which are the methods of payment accepted by Sicily by Car ?  

To rent with Sicily by Car you must have a Mastercard/Visa/ American Express credit card under th main driver's name. No cash or cheque payments accepted.

5. Is there any milleage limit ?  

Rentals up to 26 days have unlimited milleage. Starting from the 27th day and in all monthly rentals, there is a limit of 3,500 kms/month. Each extra km will be charged according to vehicle category.

6. I lost my password, how can I get it back ?  

Inside the log in area you will find the "retrieve password" button

Customer Service Area

1. When will the deposit be released ?  

If the vehicle is returned full tank and with no damage, the deposit will be unblocked immediately. Actual availability on your account's ceiling depends on your bank's timing.

2. I got a fine during my rental. What shall I do ?  

We suggest you to pay for it immediately, in order to avoid any handling fee due to forwarding the documentation from the Authorities.

4. Who can I contact to get information about SBC or Authority fines  

You can get the whole documentation directly on our website in the dedicated section, or by sending an e-mail to rezervime@sicilybycar.al or by dialling 00355 422 306 01

5. What does handling fee mean ?  

It is the expenses that our company paid in order to let the Authorities re-notify the fine under your name and address.

6. I have not received any notification from the Authorities yet. How can I pay for the fine?  

Wait for the re-notification to be forwarded to your address and follow the instructions. For further details please contact the Authority.

7. Is it possible to receive a rental invoice to my e-mail ?  

Yes, it is, but remember to provide with your e-mail address at the collection.

8. I have to rent a car for work. Can the invoice be issued under my company's name ?  

Yes, remember to provide with VAT number and e-mail address at the collection.

9. Will I be charged for one extra day if I return my car late ?  

Remember you have 59 minute tolerance. For further info check our rental conditions

Booking area

1. Which documents do I need to rent a car?  

The main driver must have a licence, a credit card under his/ her name and and ID or passport.

2. Can I choose a specific model ?  

We just confirm the category, but not the model.

3. What happens if my flight delays ?  

If you provided with your flight number while booking and a mobile phone number, the representatives and the desk will check your flight and keep the car. In the event of a collection after the closing time the customer must pay an overtime fee. If you did not provide with any flight number and the customer does not inform about the flight delay, the vehicle will be considered free after 2 hours

5. Can I extend my rental ?  

Any rental extension must be managed by the rental office, which will calculate the new cost

6. Can I bring animals on board ?  

Animals and pets are not allowed on board

7. What shall I do if I got a fine during my rental and I have already paid for it?  

If the customer gets a fine during his/her rental and pays for it, he/she must leave the receipt at the desk at the drop off of the vehicle