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Safe Driving Guide in Albania: Your Travel Handbook

Travelling by car in Albania is certainly the ideal choice to fully enjoy the wonders of the country. By car, you can best appreciate its picturesque views, stop along the way to admire charming sights, and discover the rich traditions of the country. The Albanian road network is sometimes not in perfect condition, and signage is often approximate; however, the splendid natural landscapes, the mix of cultures and styles you will encounter along your journey, will compensate you for any interruptions along the way.

For this reason, we have thought of compiling a Handbook with useful information for your stay, as there are some things you should absolutely know before setting off on your journey.

International driving licence

First of all, we remind you that, if your licence was issued in a country not belonging to the European Community, you must hold a valid international driving permit (it lasts one year from the date of issue). Driving licences with non-Latin characters must be translated into Latin characters by the Embassy or Consulate. Otherwise, we cannot deliver the vehicle to you and, in any case, you could not circulate.

Ground rules

In Albania, you drive on the right and overtake on the left. It is compulsory to drive with the sidelights and dipped headlights on on both motorways, suburban roadsand and on city streets as well. Also, the use of seat belts, front and rear, is always mandatory. MTPL insurance is included in the rate and the vehicle comes with the mandatory equipment consisting of a reflective triangle and high-reflective jacket. The high-reflectivity jacket must be worn in the event of an emergency stop on the right edge of the carriageway and the warning triangle must be positioned at least 50 metres from the broken-down vehicle.


It is advisable to park in secure places, in spaces provided by hotels or restaurants or to use paid parking areas, these are limited and marked by signage, tickets are usually available at the nearest tobacco shop.

Speed limits

The maximum speed allowed within built-up areas is 40 km/h (25 miles), on extra-urban roads 90 km/h (56 miles) while, on motorways is 110 km/h (110 miles). Adverse weather or visibility conditions can reduce the above limits.

Speed limits

the maximum speed allowed within built-up areas is 40 km/h (25 miles), on extra-urban roads 90 km/h (56 miles) while, on motorways is 110 km/h (110 miles). Adverse weather or visibility conditions can reduce the above limits.

Child seats and reducers

If children are travelling in the car with you, it is necessary to take appropriate measures for their safety. Firstly, children must sit in the rear seats, and the mandatory use of child seats is also required. For any doubts, our highly qualified staff is at your disposal and will give you the right directions to keep your child safe while traveling.

Travelling to other Countries

With Sicily by car, you are allowed to cross the border from Albania to the following countries: Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo. Remember to inform the relevant office at least 3 days in advance by sending an email to sbc@sicilybycar.al or contacting the assistance number +355-42233682. The cost of the cross-border is €60, and you will also need to purchase the green card, mandatory for travelling within these countries.

What to do in the event of a claim

It is essential to observe prudence when driving but if you have the misfortune of running into a road accident it is good to know how to behave. In the event of a driving accident, with or without a counterparty, you are always obliged to declare what happened.

Here is a small handbook on how to behave in the event of a claim:

  1. Make sure there are no injuries.
  2. Keep calm and avoid heated arguments with the other party.
  3. Position the warning triangles at a safe distance from the vehicle to signal it to other motorists in transit.
  4. Take detailed photographs of the accident site and the vehicles involved. The licence plate number of the latter must be visible.
  5. Contact the police and wait for them, do not move the vehicle
  6. Call our h24 assistance number +355-42233682.

Road assistance

In the event of an accidental stop or damage caused by an accident, call roadside assistance on +355-42233682.

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